Research & Consulting


MSc. (UK) BCom (Hons)
“I’m a Student of Life and in the Business of Transforming Lives”.
 A Kenyan by birth (born and bred), an African by default, and a Global citizen by naturalisation.
 A researcher and management consultant by training.
 An entrepreneur, investor and business coach by choice.
 A mentor, motivational speaker by design, and an author in the making.
 A philanthropist and philosopher by default, and a Christian by redemption.



I hold a Master’s degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship from Leicester Business School, De Montfort University and a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from Africa Nazarene University. Currently I’m working on my PhD where I’m researching on SMEs, family enterprises and regional economic development.

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Also, I have wide experience in project management, finance, strategy and entrepreneurship areas. I have previously worked for De Montfort University (DMU, UK), Centre for Learning and Support Services at DMU, KPMG, ACX, BusinessWorks and Green Impact (UK), Kenya Youth Employment and Empowerment Initiatives (KYEEI), Cooperative bank and Association of Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (AYPES) .

I have contributed immensely to issues involving the youth and business as well as entrepreneurship initiatives and sustainability.



My current research interests are in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Family Businesses and Regional Economic Development.
I’m a management consultant with over six years cumulative experience in Investment and Portfolio Management, Programmes and project management and Entrepreneurship Strategy. My other interest include enterprise development, social entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, Education Curriculum development among others.



I’m the Co-founder and managing director of Ennovation Base Management and Consultant (EBMC). EBMC is a start-up consulting firm that provides Services to Entrepreneurs, Investors, Start-ups, and SMEs in areas such as Finance and strategy, Information, Communication and Technology, Marketing and Branding and Corporate Legal Services. Our aim is to “Connecting you to opportunities”.
Also, I’m the Investment and Portfolio Management Advisor to DevSmart Investment Group, where a team of young, visionary and pacesetters Devsmartians pull their resources to invest in various income generating projects among them Capital markets, Money markets, Property market, and businesses.



As Motivational Speaker and avid reader of motivational books, I encourage youth on matters regarding to their career development, enterprise development, setting goals in life, succeeding in life, succeeding in education etc. I also Mentor young minds from primary level, through to university where I work with likeminded people to provide mentorship, resources and advising on success through a programme called “Change Minds, Shape Futures.

My Life's Purpose


My desire is to be a successful husband and father, leader and reader, entrepreneur and consultant, a lecturer and mentor. To use my knowledge and skills, wealth and health, experiences and wisdom to transform, educate, mentor and inspire people of all nations.


Vision & Mission

“A transformed, empowered, inspired and loving generation with hope for a better future”

“My mission is to love and provide by being the best example to my family, inspire through sharing knowledge and experiences, empower through entrepreneurship, transform through mentorship and educate through writing and training the generations of the world.


1. To be the best example by loving, protecting and providing for my family.
2. To keep searching for knowledge and seeking opportunities to lead with a purpose in all spheres of life.
3. To create and implement business ideas and provide unrivalled products, information and services to other entrepreneurs and SMEs.
4. To work diligently and with integrity in my career.

My Skill Set

  • Public Speaking 95% 95%
  • Leadership 90% 90%
  • Coaching 90% 90%
  • Training 90% 90%
  • Team Building 85% 85%
  • Management 90% 90%
  • Leadership Development 95% 95%
  • Social Media 90% 90%
  • Customer Service 95% 95%