My Life's Purpose


My desire is to be a successful husband and father, leader and reader, entrepreneur and consultant, a lecturer and mentor. To use my knowledge and skills, wealth and health, experiences and wisdom to transform, educate, mentor and inspire people of all nations.


Vision & Mission

“A transformed, empowered, inspired and loving generation with hope for a better future”

“My mission is to love and provide by being the best example to my family, inspire through sharing knowledge and experiences, empower through entrepreneurship, transform through mentorship and educate through writing and training the generations of the world.


1. To be the best example by loving, protecting and providing for my family.
2. To keep searching for knowledge and seeking opportunities to lead with a purpose in all spheres of life.
3. To create and implement business ideas and provide unrivalled products, information and services to other entrepreneurs and SMEs.
4. To work diligently and with integrity in my career.